Meet Our Team

The Who’s Who of Your Local Title Company

clear-title-escrow-bill-tribus Bill Tribus:
Bill Tribus is the owner of Clear Title & Escrow and a licensed settlement agent. He is a graduate of William & Mary and brought his family to northern VA in 1992. He started his career in the real estate industry in 1996 and has been closing residential real estate transactions since then. He has lived in Front Royal for the past 23 years with his wife Vickie.

In 2004, Vickie Tribus had the courage to open Clear Title & Escrow and the couple has not looked back. Clear Title can service the entire state of VA and is willing to do whatever it takes within the limits of the law to get the transaction closed. This includes, but is not limited to closing loans in the home, on the weekends and in remote locations. They pride themselves on customer service and consider it a privilege to be part of the real estate transaction. Bill takes a great deal of pride in the service that his staff provides. Finally, is always available to help people in achieving their goal of home ownership.


Missy Sperry:clear-title-escrow-missy-sperry
Melissa D. Sperry (known as Missy Sperry) was born and raised in Warren County. She has been in the title insurance business since 1992. She started working as a title abstractor and then soon moved into the office and became a licensed title agent. She came to Clear Title right after the doors opened in 2004. She was the senior processor for several years and then moved on to escrow/office manager. As the escrow manager is responsible for the handling of all monies and disbursements. In addition, she is responsible for compliance and is the “go-to” person for the entire staff.

Missy has been married to Billy Sperry since 1993. They have two children, a son and daughter. Their daughter, Allison, has been working part time at Clear Title since June 2016.


clear-title-escrow-kevin-wertzKevin Wertz:
Kevin Wertz is a licensed title agent and notary public for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Kevin has been with Clear Title & Escrow for 5 years and has traveled all over the great state of VA closing loans. He takes pride in his ability to explain closing documents to first-time homebuyers. Kevin currently resides in his hometown of Front Royal with his wife, Brittany, and their 2 children Blake and Olivia.

Kevin is responsible for overseeing the scheduling and coordinating of all the real estate transactions. Finally, Kevin is instrumental in the contact and communication with the clients. His problem-solving ability is developing rapidly.



Virginia Wahab:clear-title-escrow-virginia-ginny-wahab1
Known as Ginny, she is a native of northern VA. After finishing up a Mount Vernon High School, she started a career as a cosmetologist in the Fairfax area and worked for more than 15 years. She was urged by one of her clients to seek a position in the title/real estate industry. Taking that advice, she started in 2001 as a post closer and worked through all the positions of the title company. She was crossed trained in all areas of the title company and achieved her title license in 2005.

Ginny joined the staff of Clear Title & Escrow in the summer of 2016. She is responsible for the receiving of new orders, setting up files, ordering abstracts, disbursing of loans and closing of loans. She is very committed to customer service and gives credit to her mother for her dedication and success.


clear-title-escrow-bertha-jenkinsBertha Jenkins:
Bertha began her experience in the real estate/settlement business in 2001 as a title abstractor. She would go to the courthouses and do the thorough research needed to ensure the transaction was correctly disclosed. She then moved into the office as a settlement processor typing binders and HUDs and printing packages. She came on board with Clear Title & Escrow in 2005. Bertha has covered many positions at Clear Title from abstracting to disbursing of files. In 2007, she found her niche as the insurance policy underwriter.

Bertha is responsible for generating and mailing out all lender and owner policies. Averaging 60 transactions a month, Bertha has her hands full making sure that recordings are received back in a timely manner, typing the policies and mailing out in a 30 day period every month. She provides excellent professionalism and customer service.


clear-title-escrow-crystal-cookCrystal Cook:
Crystal is a Warren County native and has been in the business for 16 years. She began her experience as a title examiner. She came to Clear Title & Escrow in 2004 and has been an integral part of the team. Crystal has grown to be the senior processor at the company and takes on the additional role as mentor to the other processors. Her commitment to the job is unwavering.

Crystal handles about 40 files per month and is responsible for tending to the needs of many of our clients. Her positive attitude and dedication is an example for all.




Stephanie Woodard:
Stephanie broke into the title/real estate scene when she was born as the daughter of a very successful contractor/builder. She started gaining her skills at a local lender in 2013. She then married in 2015 and was blessed with a baby boy in 2016. Clear Title & Escrow was fortunate to have her come and work with us in February 2015 and by June 2015 she became a junior processor.

Stephanie is responsible for ordering payoffs, typing title binders and Closing Disclosure statements. This information is then provided to the lenders and real estate agents to bring the transaction to fruition. Stephanie’s pipeline of files is always growing. She continually takes on more files and services more clients. Stephanie is the first to jump in and help a client or buyer and always has a smile on her face.

Alane Yates:
Alane is a Warren County resident and a busy mother of two. She first joined Clear Title in 2012, and was very helpful to the company in recovering from the 2008 mortgage crash. She made sure that all orders were properly set up and title searches ordered. She ordered payoffs and disbursed the closed files. Alane typed legal descriptions and ensured that all mortgages were released of record.

Today, Alane has moved on to be a processor and is growing her book of business. She has experience with cash deals, refinances and purchases with mortgages. Alane prides herself on attention to detail and her response time to clients and agents.

clear-title-escrow-andrew-c-murray1Andrew Murray:
Andrew Murray is our newest member here at Clear Title. He started in June 2017 and is already ready to sit for the state licensing exam at the end of July. He is a recent graduate of the College of Business and Economics at Radford University where he majored in Finance. Many of his classes provide him with a background in real estate and insurance. Previously, in college, he held a property and casualty license and spent time working under his father, Chad, a very successful insurance agent in the Tazewell County area. Currently, he resides in Warrenton, VA, with his fiancé Bailey and their daughter Madelyn. They are expecting the newest addition to their family, Leighton, in September 2017.




Allison Sperry:clear-title-escrow-allison-sperry1
Allison Sperry is our newest addition to Clear Title.  She is a junior at Skyline High School in Warren County.  Allison enjoys volleyball and spending time with her friends.  In addition to enjoying volleyball and her friends, she takes great pleasure in helping with the animals on the family farm.

In her spare time, Allison has taken an apprenticeship position.  She is learning the real estate industry from the title side.  She helps with the typing of legal descriptions to the bank reconciliations.  We expect great things from this young lady!



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